Grantwriting Beyond the Basics

A few years ago I wrote three books in a series called “Grantwriting Beyond the Basics.” The idea behind them was that there were several good “how to write grants” books for beginners Recommended Books, but nothing for the experienced grantwriter who wanted to expand their skills. I picked three areas where many grantwriters lack experience — strategy, finances and evaluation. Books 2 and 3 are useful to all nonprofit professionals, not just grantwriters. All of the books have been used as textbooks in various universities.   — Michael Wells

The books were published by Portland State University Continuing Education Press, which was closed in March, 2009. We were selling directly but have run out of two titles. New editions will be published by Charity Channel Press. Proven Strategies in 2015 and the other two books in 2015 or 2016.

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Proven Strategies Professionals Use to Make Their Proposals Work is about how to integrate all of the parts of your grant proposal to make them work together. It also has sections on specific grant approaches, such as capital campaigns.
Out of Stock. New edition March, 2015



Understanding Nonprofit Finances takes on issues that many grantwriters would rather avoid: reading financial statements, developing budgets, protecting your tax exempt status, understanding the IRS Form 990, etc.
Out of Stock. New edition late 2015



Successful Program Evaluation covers how to choose evaluation methods, when to use an outside evaluator, and topics including benchmarks, best practices vs. evidence based practices, Institutional Review Boards and logic models.
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