These are some of what we think are the best sources of information about grants, grantwriting and nonprofit management. We’ve assembled web links to the best local and national organizations and information sources on grants and nonprofit topics. There’s an store with our favorite grantwriting books. We developed a chart tracking the growth of Oregon’s largest foundations. There are several articles Michael has written for grant professionals that are of general interest. And of course, Michael’s Grantwriting Beyond the Basics books.

These resources and contacts may help you to develop your own grant proposals, or to understand the grant proposal development process better. Because we believe that the more knowledgeable our clients become, the better the projects we can develop together and get funded.

Grantwriting Beyond the Basics

The Grantwriting Beyond the Basics books grew out of my experiences during 20 years as a grants consultant and over 30 years of working with nonprofits. While there were several good books on how to write grants, they all pretty much addressed beginners and covered the same basic material. There are very few resources for the experienced working professional. As I traded “war stories” with other grantwriters, attended conferences, and wrote journal articles, I saw a need for more advanced information for grant professionals—information that goes “beyond the basics.”

When I first talked about a book with my publisher, we realized that many topics needed to be addressed in more depth than one book could cover. So the book evolved into a series. Each of the books address one topic that a  serious grantwriter must understand, approached from a nonprofit professional’s point of view. They cover topics such as financing and budgeting, evaluation, relationships with funders and others, and the funder’s perspective and decision-making process.