Grantwriting for Your Organization

Grants Northwest will help your organization win grants to support your programs and launch new projects. We do this by working with you to develop strong, fundable programs, not just by “writing grants”. The grant development process has five major elements and ideally is a one or two month process.

Project Design

We will work with your staff to develop a strong project concept that supports your mission and complements existing programs. We will look at your organization’s strategic plan (if you have one) and existing  materials and may do research on community needs, demographics, resources. We will interview your staff and possibly your clients, board members or others. We will be designing a project that will meet a community need, be ambitious but achievable, and strengthen your organization. This is the most important component of grant development, not only in terms of getting funded but also to create a workable program to implement when you get funded.

Match the Funder’s Interests

Grants Northwest will help you to identify and approach funders who are likely to support your organization and your project, considering size, field of interest and philosophy. We will analyze federal or other government Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to see that they match your organization’s capacity, project ideas, mission and goals.

Build a Relationship

A grant involves a partnership between a funder and an organization. It is a contract to carry out a project or service. It is important to establish a relationship between your organization and its potential major funders.

The relationship needs to be between your organization’s staff and the funder’s. We will advise you on who to contact and how to build the relationship. In some cases we will make introductions or establish initial contact on your behalf, but the goal is the relationship between you and the funder. If the funder has an electronic application process, we will get your organization pre-registered for online submission.

Developing the Proposal (“Writing the Grant”)

This is the final part of the grant development process, although we may start writing drafts much earlier. It includes these elements:

  • Following foundation guidelines and matching the proposal to their interests. For federal or other government requests for Proposals (RFPs), responding directly to each point and giving appropriate weight to each section.
  • Making sure that all elements of the proposal fit together and are consistent. The project must respond to clearly identified needs. The program description, goals & objectives, timeline, evaluation and logic model (if any) must all describe the same project. The budget must include all of the major items of the narrative and only those items.
  • Help your staff to develop the grant budget, or review it for accuracy and make recommendations for presenting it in the proposal.
  • The writing style must fit both the funder’s expectations and the personality of your organization. It must be clear and persuasive, while also containing detailed content information.

Final Review and Submission

We will go over the proposal for accuracy and completeness. We will go through the guidelines or RFP and make sure all of the elements and attachments are included (such things as staff resumes, literature citations, Memorandums of Understanding with partners, Assurances & Certifications, etc.).

Contact us at (503) 294-2147 or [email protected] to get started.

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